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Write For Us!

We love writers. Heck, that’s why we’re starting this magazine—to bring writers of all sorts together under one roof. Authors, bloggers, copywriters, experts…whatever your flavor, we’ve got you covered.

Best part of all, we’re an independent magazine. Which means we get to write about the things that interest us, the issues we care about and the topics that light us up. We don’t have an editorial agenda. We’re here to help writers get better at their craft, stay up to date on writing trends, stay sane while building and operating a writing business, and learn about new technology and new products for writers.

What does this mean for you?

Well…for starters it means you get to write about your passions. We expect all of our contributors to love working with words in one form or another.

Also, you get in on the ground floor. Yes, we’re a new magazine, but we have super high expectations and ambitions for where we want to go. We hope you join us on that journey.

Lastly, we recognize that the success of any magazine depends on the writers who create the content, not the marketing strategy or the slick design. That means you’ll help us grow. And along the way you’ll gain exposure to a broader audience and open yourself up to new opportunities.

writeHackr is only as good and helpful as our contributors make it. We see this as a collaborative effort created by and for the community it serves. We welcome contributions from anyone willing to share their knowledge, help out fellow writers, and be a part of an exciting, new publication.

If you’d like to contribute or pitch an article, please read the guidelines below.

On-going topics may include (but are not limited to):

• self-publishing
• writing productivity
• craft guides (for example, writing great dialog, or crafting killer blog post sub-heads)
• running a writing based business
• freelancing
• legal and financial issues for writers
• building an author platform
• how-to articles (for example, formatting for kindle, or marketing your book)

In addition to these recurring topics, we’re also seeking contributions for feature articles on the following topics:

• commentary and editorial about the writing life
• news about publishing trends for fiction & non-fiction
• book reviews (on relevant topics)
• product reviews (software tools, pc hardware, digital readers, etc.)
• interviews (these must be exclusive to writeHackr and not reproduced anywhere else)

Guidelines and submission instructions

We recommend that you first send us a detailed pitch for the article you’d like to write.

Some of the things we look for in a pitch are:

• 1 to 3 proposed headlines
• a summary of your lede
• a list of the main points/sections in the article, with a 2-3 sentence description of each point or section
• a summary of your conclusion/wrap

You’re a professional, so we respect your creative choices. Expect, however, that we will most likely go through a few revisions. We aim for the highest quality and you should too.

We don’t have word count guidelines—use your best judgement here. If we feel a submission needs extensive editing to trim, we will send it back and ask for a specific word count. If we feel a submission needs more depth, we’ll ask you to flesh it out.

All submissions must be original and never published elsewhere, nor may they be re-used in any other media. Also we do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Please include a well crafted headline and thoughtful sub-headings. We reserve the right to edit headlines we feel don’t match the voice of the magazine.

Please include a short, one-sentence bio (one external link is acceptable).

If you have a link in your document, please also type out the full link in the body text.

Any studies, quotes, data, etc. must be properly sourced and attributed.

writeHackr reserves all use rights to anything we publish in any form.


Send all pitches and submissions to editor@writehackr.com, with the word [SUBMISSION] in the subject line. If submitting a full article, please include the full text of your submission within the body of the email, and share a formatted Google Doc with us at the same email address. Also please include a few links to your recent work so we can get to know your voice and writing style better.

If you have a previously published article that you think would fit with the magazine and would like us to republish it, send an email to editor@writehackr.com.